Ballooning in Bristol

Our tips on the best ballooning in Bristol ...

Where to see hot air balloons flying

Head to Ashton Court Estate near the Mansion House on a warms summers evening 2 hours before sunset. Check the forecast for light westerly winds.

Who to go ballooning with in Bristol

Our favorite commercial operator is Bailey Balloons.

How to get involved in hot air ballooning

The WRBBAC (Western Region British Balloon Club) are active in the Bristol and Bath area. Through monthly events and summer fly outs you can meet balloon crews and start getting involved.

Bristol Balloon Fiesta

The Bristol Balloon Fiesta was first help in 1978, when Don Cameron and a few friends decide to raise the profile of ballooning. On the weekend of the 7th-9th September 1979, a small number of balloonists first came to gather early on a msity morning in the Ashton Court Estate. With support from the British Junior Chamber of Commerce and Shipping, the Bristol Balloon Fiesta was launched.

On this first weekend a total of 117 flights were made by 27 balloons over 3 days.

Attendees included balloonists from Ireland, Germany, Luxembourg but the majority were local West Country crews.

From this the Fiesta has grown to be one of Europe's largest balloon Fiestas. The often quoted "largest" in Europe is somewhat deabable as the bi-annual event held near Metz in France ofetn draws more balloons.